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Competition Winners

Check out our lucky competition winners here at Supreme Equestrian Giveaways, Will you be next?
Hippo Horse Shower
20 Feb: Hippo Horse Shower

Congratulations to Lucie Jones on winning a custom Hippo Horse Shower with draw number 119!

Fairfax & Favor Voucher
11 Feb: Fairfax & Favor Voucher

Congratulations to Bryony Muir for winning the Fairfax & Favor Voucher. “A lovely company offering great prizes that are a real treat with very reasonable odds. I recently won and was contacted immediately and the prize sent over the following day I won the £350 fairfax and favour voucher and I received my blue box today, would never spend this much on boots so to win was such a HUGE treat!”

31 Jan: GOLDSPAN Bedding

Congratulations to James McGivern on winning 84 Bales of GoldSpan bedding!  

Flex on Stirrups
24 Jan: Flex On Stirrups

Congratulations to Cathine Hands with Draw Number 9 on winning a lovely pair of Flex On Stirrups!

Pikeur Jacket
22 Jan: Pikeur Jacket

Congratulations to Molly Morgan on winning the lovely Pikeur Jacket! “I won the gorgeous pikeur coat! Lucky me – I went straight ahead and entered a few more bits! Somebody has to win- my prize arrived within two days- thrilled thank you!”    

Lister Clippers
10 Jan: Star Lister Clippers Bundle

Congratulations to Lyndsey Logudice on winning a fantastic set of Limited Edition Lister Star Clippers!

Bloomfields Legacy S

Congratulations to Rachel Lawyer who won a BRAND NEW BLOOMFIELDS LEGACY S With Draw number 572!  

Hippo Horse Shower
21 Dec: HIPPO Horse Shower

Congratulations to Jane Hobday on winning the Hippo Horse shower “Can’t believe I won a Horse Shower on my 1st entry. Great customer service arranging delivery. Fantastic. Will be trying another competition soon. Great prizes. Everything crossed for the lorry”

£3,450 Cash
13 Dec: £3450 CASH

Congratulations to Tracy Potter who landed herself £3450 Cash with draw number 120!

Custom KEP Hat
18 Nov: Custom KEP hat

CONGRATULATIONS to Tracy Potter on winning a custom KEP Hat! “My hat has arrived and is stunning beyond belief…. Best experience ever !!! I won a KEP hat on the weekend. By Monday my bespoke design was chosen and sent off to be made. Highly recommend Supreme Equestrian Giveaways … Gotta be in it to win !!!”

Lemiex Turnout Boots
08 Nov: LeMieux Turnout Boots

Congratulations to Holly Evenett with Draw number 8 on winning a set of LeMieux Turnout Boots.

5 Bar ECODri Rug Dryer
05 Nov: 5 Bar ECODri Rug Dryer

Congratulations to Jennifer Hand who won the 5 Bar EcoDri Rug Dryer

NAF Bundle
01 Nov: NAF Bundle

Congratulations to Tracy Potter for winning the Ultimate NAF Bundle!

Lemieux Grooming Set
18 Oct: Lemieux grooming Set

Congratulations to Laura Mathieson on winning the LeMieux Flexi Grooming Set!

Lister Clippers
30 Sep: Lister Clippers

Congratulations to Emily Leach on Winning a set of Lister clippersVery pleased!! “Super fast delivery of clippers which I won Smudge is very happy with them!!”  

Lister Clippers
30 Sep: Lister Clippers

Congratulations to Denise West with Draw number 2 on winning the Lister Star Clipper set|!

Into The Wild Horse Sculpture
23 Aug: ‘Into the Wild’ Horse Sculpture

Congratulations to Ben Pinion on winning a customer ‘Into The Wild’ horse sculpture

Equibox Showjump Set
16 Aug: EQUIBOX Showjump Set

Congratulations to Hannah Gadsden on winning the amazing EQUIBOX Showjumping Set!

Schockemohle Bridle
14 Aug: Schockemohle Bridle

Congratulations to Rhianna Garland on winning the Schockemohle Bridle! “I won the Schockemole bridle on Wednesday last week and it arrived on the Friday! Thank you so much”  

ARC Equine
07 Aug: ARC equine

Congratulations to Gemma Robinson on winning the ARC Equine. “won an arc quine. Very easy to claim and arrived two days later. hoping it helps out my old girl.”  

Equito Horsebox

Congratulations to Leonora McKenna who won a BRAND NEW Equito Horsebox!  

Lister Clippers
15 Jul: Lister clippers

Congratulations to Becky Adam on winning these fantastic Lister Clippers! “Listed Clippers arrived today, can’t wait to try them out. The Haribo were an added bonus”

LeMieux Grooming Kit
15 Jul: LeMieux Grooming Kit

Congratulations to Asher Carr for winning the lovely LeMieux Flex Grooming Kit

Veredus Boots
10 Jul: Veredus Boots

Congratulations to Chelsea Rowe on winning a set of Veredus Tendon & Fetlock Boots. “Never win anything and have been lucky enough to win the fab veredus boots can’t wait for them to arrive thank you so much”  

PS of Sweden Set
04 Jul: PS Of Sweden Set

Congratulations to Tia Elaine Hulse on winning this super PS of Sweden Matchy Matchy Set “thank you so much for my PS of Sweden saddle pad and wraps. They came so quickly”

VIP Saddle Pad

Congratulations to Debbie McRonald on winning the VIP saddle Pad “Thank you Supreme Equestrian Giveaways for the lovely VIP saddle pad which I won . It arrived quickly and has been put to good use. Definately be entering giveaways again.”

Flex on Stirrups
20 Jun: Flex On Stirrups

Congratulations to Issy Seems on winning a fantastic set of Flex On Stirrups!

Bloomfields One Horsebox
25 May: Bloomfields One Horsebox

Massive congratulations to Sarah Jane Godfrey with draw number 365 on winning the BRAND NEW Bloomfields Horsebox One!  


Congratulations to Michelle Rollo for winning the Hot Horse Shower! “Absolutely buzzing. I entered the competition, and I have just won a portable hot horse shower !!! I never ever win anything so I was totally shocked to see my name. Thankyou so so much. I’m so excited to get it and for my pony to enjoy. Such an amazing prize and lift during this horrid time”  

Horseware SportzVibe Rug
29 Mar: Horseware SportzVibe Rug

Congratulations to Carole McClelland for winning the Horseware SportzVibe Therapy Rug!